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firemomo45's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 314 (From 82 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 4,780 Points

Dead Paradise

gunner Unlocked 12/1/12
5 Points
Kill 10 enemies
berserker Unlocked 12/1/12
10 Points
Kill 50 enemies
medic Unlocked 12/1/12
10 Points
Get 10 repair kits
bulletproof Unlocked 12/1/12
25 Points
Complete the level with 100 health
hungry Unlocked 12/1/12
25 Points
Get 100 donuts
novice Unlocked 12/1/12
25 Points
Complete level 3
reaper Unlocked 12/1/12
25 Points
Kill 100 enemies
grenadier Unlocked 12/1/12
50 Points
Use rockets 50 times
scholar 5 Points Read the help at least one time
airKing 25 Points Make 10 flips
chary 25 Points Complete the level without using rockets
mechanic 50 Points Purchase all of the upgrades in the shop
professional 50 Points Complete level 9
gladiator 100 Points Defeat the big truck

Medals Earned: 8/14 (175/430 points)

Death Count

Hey, that's a fake death counter! Unlocked 12/4/12
5 Points
Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Wow, that was easy! Unlocked 12/4/12
5 Points
Beat the first level!
Avoiding the spikes! 5 Points Beat level 6
Wow, that's clever! 5 Points Beat the puzzle level!
Blue!!! 10 Points Reach the hard levels!
Congratulations, you died A LOT! 25 Points You beat the hardest level in the game!
You finished the game! 25 Points Wohooo!

Medals Earned: 2/7 (10/80 points)

Demon Shift

Warming Up Unlocked 10/6/12
5 Points
Complete 3 levels.
Falcon Punch! Unlocked 10/6/12
10 Points
Get beaten up.
Sliced Unlocked 10/6/12
10 Points
Get hit by a blade.
Undecided 5 Points Switch the dimension 8 times in a single level.
Welcome back! 5 Points Continue your journey.
Mashed potatoes 10 Points Get squeezed.
Never surrender 25 Points Die 8 times in a single level and don't give up.
Fear of the dark 50 Points Complete a level without switching to the Shadow Dimension.
The Devil is satisfied 100 Points Collect every soul.
Ultimate Champion 100 Points Get a gold medal in every level.

Medals Earned: 3/10 (25/320 points)

Dr Vile- The Greater Good

Homewrecker! Unlocked 1/26/13
10 Points
Destroy all the objects in a house.
All the Circuits! 25 Points Gather all the Circuits needed for the Death Ray.
All the Coil! 25 Points Gather all the Coil needed for the Death Ray.
All the Metal! 25 Points Gather all the Metal needed for the Death Ray.
All the Wood! 25 Points Gather all the Wood needed for the Death Ray.
Death Ray Complete! 50 Points Beat the game!
Untouchable! 100 Points Beat the game without getting hit!

Medals Earned: 1/7 (10/260 points)

Effing Worms - Xmas

Yeti Predator Unlocked 12/8/12
5 Points
Eat 10 yeti.
Poor Animals 5 Points Eat 100 animals.
Elf Massacre 25 Points Eat 200 elves.
Spaghetti Worm 25 Points Eat 20 flying spaghetti.
Sweet Revenge 25 Points Take out Santa!
Maximum Destruction 50 Points Get over 100 combo.

Medals Earned: 1/6 (5/135 points)

Elf Story

Arrow Death Unlocked 1/25/13
5 Points
You got impaled by a Gobblo's arrow!
Baseball Bat Unlocked 1/25/13
5 Points
You found the baseball bat!
Fanboy Unlocked 1/25/13
5 Points
You found the fanboy hoodie! It's from your favorite game of all time!
Got Wooden Sword Unlocked 1/25/13
5 Points
The bat that you found has turned into a wooden sword!
Halfsies Unlocked 1/25/13
5 Points
You got split into two by a bandit elf! Crap!
Impalation Unlocked 1/25/13
5 Points
You got impaled by a bandit elf's thrown sword! Deadly!
Start Unlocked 1/25/13
5 Points
Start the game... press the play button.
Fatal Error Unlocked 1/25/13
10 Points
You found the only way to die in scene 1!
Gobblo Wood Kill Unlocked 1/25/13
10 Points
You killed a Gobblo with the wooden sword!
Shrunken Head Unlocked 1/25/13
25 Points
You found the magical shrunken head!
Arrow To The Neck 5 Points Ouch. You took an arrow straight to the neckery.
Arrow To The Stomach 5 Points Yeowch. You took a nasty arrow to the stomachial region.
Extra Kupo 5 Points You've earned extra kupo!
Giant Fist 5 Points You caught a giant fist to the face... and exploded. True story.
Got Battle Dagger 5 Points The kitchen knife that you found has turned into the battle dagger! Shweet!
Got Bombs 5 Points You got yourself some bombs! Now, let's go blow s**t up!
Got Soul Bangle 5 Points You got the Soul Bangle dude! Now you can throw blue fireballs! Hadoken!
Got Steel Sword 5 Points You've found a way to get the Steel Sword! Congratulations!
Skull 5 Points You found the hidden skull!
Beatdown 10 Points You beat the crap out of that bandit elf! Yeesh...
Blue Flames 10 Points You used the Soul Bangle to send a powerful blast of blue energy at an unlucky bandit elf.
Bombed 10 Points You chucked a bomb at a bandit and blew his guts all over the place!
Dagger To La Face 10 Points You said, "Screw it!" and threw your dagger at a bandit's face! Shweet!
Dead Bird 10 Points You found the dead blue bird!
Electrocuted 10 Points You electrocuted a bandit elf via a Super Pretendo controller!
Face Knifed 10 Points You stuck a dangerously sharp dagger into the fleshy face of an outclassed bandit elf... Nicely done.
Gobblo Arrow Kill 10 Points You made the Gobblo enemy shoot himself in the face! Cool!
Gobblo Dagger Kill 10 Points Kill the Gobblo with the Battle Dagger!
Goober 10 Points You found the Goober action figurine!
No Defense 10 Points You failed to block an incoming vertical slash... tsk, tsk...
Pissed Off Shopkeeper 10 Points Dude.... You so shouldn't have made Hobart mad, dude.
Rock Death 10 Points You killed yourself using an immensely heavy rock!
Spin Attack 10 Points You used the jumping spin attack on that blondie of a bandit elf! Good work.
Spinning Destruction 10 Points You used an ultra-powerful, double spin slash to decimate the bandit elf who deserved it!
Squished 10 Points The Ogre grabbed you and squeezed you until you went "pop"
Stabbered 10 Points The bandit threw a knife at you and gotcha right through the heart!
Weak Defense 10 Points Looks like you TRIED to block, buuuut..... yeeeaaahhh....
Wheel Of Decimation 10 Points Whoah... Don't you think that was a bit... uh, overkill? It was entertaining though.
You Should Block 10 Points Sooo, yeah, you should try blocking sometime....
Controller 25 Points You found the video game controller!
Knife 25 Points You found the knife!
Poop 25 Points You found bird poop! Yay!
Game Won 50 Points You freakin' beat the freakin' game! Holy moly!
Ogre Destroyed 50 Points You've defeated the Ogre! Holy crap!

Medals Earned: 10/44 (80/500 points)


First Blood Unlocked 6/18/13
5 Points
Complete the first level
Rat Jump Bronze 5 Points Jump over 10 rats in Rat Jump
Eraticating 10 Points Complete 9 levels
Rat Jump Silver 25 Points Jump over 25 rats in Rat Jump
Taste for Blood 25 Points Complete 18 levels
Eraticated 50 Points Complete the game
Rat Jump Gold 50 Points Jump over 50 rats in Rat Jump

Medals Earned: 1/7 (5/170 points)

Evil Goat

First Death Unlocked 12/20/12
5 Points
Die for the first time
First Kill Unlocked 12/20/12
5 Points
Kill your first child
First Arrow 5 Points Use arrow for first time
First Portal 5 Points Use portal for first time
Starter Villain 5 Points Finish the first 5 levels
Almost Villain 10 Points Finish the first 10 levels
Complete Villain 25 Points Finish all 15 levels
Marvelous Villain 25 Points Beat the minimum in all levels

Medals Earned: 2/8 (10/85 points)

Faces of 2012

NG Visitor Unlocked 10/20/12
5 Points
Correctly match 5 NG faces from 2012.
NG Fan 25 Points Correctly match 20 NG faces from 2012.
NG Diehard 50 Points Correctly match 40 NG faces from 2012.
NG Master 100 Points Correctly match ALL NG faces from 2012.

Medals Earned: 1/4 (5/180 points)

Final Commando

Sound Investment Unlocked 5/11/16
10 Points
Collect 25 coins in one play
Marksman 10 Points Destroy 5 enemies
Smart Earner 10 Points Collect 100 coins in all time
Money Grubber 25 Points Collect 100 coins in one play
Monster 25 Points Destroy 25 enemies
Top Earner 25 Points Collect 1000 coins in all time
Artifact Hunter 50 Points Collect all 6 artifacts
Bossmaster 50 Points Destroy the final boss
Upgrades Complete 50 Points Purchase every upgrade
Medal Medal 100 Points Earn every other Medal

Medals Earned: 1/10 (10/355 points)